Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faith on Cruise Control.....

Cruise Control......other than beef jerky and Journey thumping on your ipod, there is no better gift to road trips. Not only does it help those that have the tendency to have a "heavy foot", but many drivers have been able to change clothes because of this beautiful invention. Maybe you've heard about the guy who purchased a giant brand new RV, who on his first road trip decided to put the traveling whale on cruise control at 70 miles per hour and headed to the back for some much needed lunch. After three bites of a turkey sandwich and 5 crushed vehicles later our gentleman found himself with a new understanding of the limits of modern technology. (I wonder if "Jesus take the Wheel" was playing in the background?) The owner was under the misguided idea that cruise control meant "auto-pilot".

As funny as this urban legend sounds.....I found myself not laughing at all when thinking of the parallels I see in this story when it comes to my walk with God. The list is long and detailed of the times I've been in a great place in my relationship with Christ, but I've allowed that great momentum to convince me that I can compromise my time with Him in reading His word and meaningful prayer. Each time I say yes to that thing that can't seem to wait or that which is incredibly urgent, I'm also saying no to the very thing that I cannot do without.....Jesus. Walking away from the wheel of my faith...thinking I can coast on a experiance from a worship service, camp, conference or season of life is a disaster waiting to happen. What about you? Are you at the wheel or in the back eating a turkey sandwich?

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