Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You've Got Time.....

To say yes to something, is to say no to something else. This statement is true for every area of our life. All of us on earth have the same amount of time to work with. No or poor....young or old....have more hours in the day than someone else. I share this because it seems there is a myth believed by most people: "I don't have enough time."

Most of the time this statement is made by people who are talking about something they need to do they haven't done or something they "wish" they could but feel like they can't because of the lack of time.

The fact is you DO have time. It's just you use your time on other things. Think about what you do with your discrectionary time (time you get to decide what you want to do). Any time you spend: on facebook, watching your shows on television, surfing the net, reading, going to concerts/sporting events, hanging out with friends or family, reading this blog :), etc, is time that could be spent for that thing.

Saying yes to these things is to say no to something else you're always talking about not having time for.

Bottomline: There are two choices, either start saying yes to things that are really a priorty to you or stop complaining about not having enough time to do them.

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  1. I have know a pastor that totally agrees with you. This point applies to becoming good ast things in life as well. He said that he would always suck at golf because he had better things to become an expert at. One of my favorite quotes in his sermon was the question, "What are you going to say no to?" Not only what are you going to choose to do but you must say no to things as well.