Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guilt Trips

I'm not a fan of guilt trips. This form of passive manipulation paves the road to hell. (OK that was a little dramatic, I'm just not a fan). We've all experienced guilt trips from people (Moms are notorious) and we've all ended up doing things we didn't want to do because of this tactic. People tend to use guilt as a motivator in relationships when they aren't getting what they want and don't have the guts to say directly what they are feeling. We must come to a place of maturity and say what we mean and realize there is a better way to get our feelings across. People in our lives are much more apt to respond to genuine communication even if that means voicing frustration and upsetting them. No more passive aggressive tactics. Own your emotions and communicate them.

After all I've done for you...,



  1. so well said! and absolutely true.

  2. Wow, awesome! this is so true. I can't count how man times I've let someone manipulate me. . .but this really let me see that I can't let them do that. I can't let someone's opinion of me or what I think they're opinion of me is decide how i act/ who I am. I read "Identity theft" right before this and I realize that 1) i "steal identities" of people i deem "cool" all the time. 2) I let someone who has told me to be someone else (quite literally) not only make me act like someone else, but I've allowed them to dictate how i think about what I do.

    Thanks 4 the insight.