Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Be That Person...

Pet Peeve Alert: Those people that talk about themselves incessantly. Recently I had a chance to catch up with a friend from the past. It would have been a pleasant conversation had it not been for the fact that my friend talked the entire time and then shockingly had to go. There was a trite "how's the family?", but you could tell it was meaningless. You could tell there wasn't a genuine desire to know how I or my family really was. I've been guilty at times of dominating conversations with stories. Here is a test: Next time you are sharing a story with someone and you are interrupted by something, see if people ask you to finish your thought. If they don't, there's your sign. Bottom line: It's not just about asking the right questions in a conversation. It's about genuinely wanting to know the answers. Don't just talk to me...listen to me.

Hear me,



  1. OK, I'm hoping you aren't referring to us!!!!!
    oh dear, now i'm going over our conversation! lol

  2. ...this is me, Jelynda, not Jason...

  3. You guys have never been that way...

  4. Good Idea, I like hearing stories. Since I've come back I've kinda felt that way that everyone wants to know how I've been. So i try to make sure that i catch up on whats going on in their life as well.

  5. oh how i have friends like that